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seen and un-captured knock knock #virtomecaravan

last night i heard:
Knock knock
on the caravan.

Hi, they said, do you need Anything?
Thanks! All is fine – fancy some of my food? (i asked)
Are you not cold?
It’s rather warm here.. Surprisingly so.

Tuned out they noticed the virome caravan a few days ago, checked the website and indeed asked about the skateboard..
Yet, of course, how would one have a clue about that being seen, thought and imagined in a particular manner?

Indeed.. Do we need to capture such frictions, or shall we not just simply embrace and indeed – encounter the fact – that they are there?
Do we need to measure and acknowledge how many times past progressive was used within a frictive manner in the past X time –
or can we allow the fact that such manner of speaking, thinking, writing and wondering is, a bit like the virome caravan, are out


social (media) distance #viromecarvan style?

Well.. Probably not just viromecaravan – however, not a bad place to begin considering how social media may offer a distance
exactly where and when there’s a connection.

What’s that on about??

Well.. Lets’ begin with a context.

A friend pi9nged me with:
hey, you are famous – check:

(i am not on fb, btw..)

So.. turns out that when i think:
nice, people take pictures of the viromecaravan –
they take pictures of that which may bring buzz to a social media account.
There we get a point of connection – viromecaravan & image taking -getting split via how we imagine the very contact to operate.

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energy coffee energy and #viromecaravan

In case you bothered checking the links, then possibly you noticed the section to do with possible ways for generating energy.

There are 2 options mentioned on that page:
Windpal – which seems to be permanently out of stock. (is this another way of saying “out of business”?)
a youtube link to someone that makes DIY energy generating devices which, on the videos, look fairly cool.
Curiously though, while professing to view the stuff as open source, there are a fair few asterix that come with that:
Open source you need to pay (to the channel) in case one fancies more detailed descriptions and some such.
Is this how opensource – as an idea and practice – is evolving with the help of google ways of android being Opensource under our control and say so?

On top of the 2 options above – which seem to offer deadended roads,
there are – which seems both expensive and somehow not yet in production.
and – which seems curious since the company’s uk site seems down, their page on amazon (i know..) offers the same product that’s on for $135 at the .com site, for over £200 –
all of which sounds a bit, well, shall we say dodgy?

I wonder if there’s a solarpunk place that could offer a solution..?
For a bit about solarpunk:

..and thew cafe in the title?
Well.. That’s my current way to get energy on the move. Get a coffee at a cafe and charge devices up.
However, it’s limiting, limited and in case of an upcoming lockdown –
there will be no way to get electricity charged.

(was looking at ways to connect into electric vehicle charging points – no joy there as well.)

Wonder if thie whole episode illustrates how energy production is reliant on large networks. A situation through which we get a by-product of having to be limited in how, when, when and where we move to?
(that’s not saying they control, a distance from by product. Like the fact we get poisons coming out of certain engines, means not the production of these things was intended – designed – to kill us..)


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for homeless charities? #viromecaravan

Had a chat with a friend last night about the fact no homeless charity has picked up on this with something like:
Hey – lets’ do this and that.

My friend suggested that maybe I should be more prescriptive and assertive in contacting such charities.
Offer a workshop.

Hummmm.. A workshop requires tools, materials, and space to do it. (though that could be done in a park or something..)

Currently, I am thinking perhaps a talk? I could talk about how it was built, how it is to live in it, similar ideas that go around and what could be done better.
The idea is to use such a talk as an opening, to find out through the presentation if people actually fancy going to some kind of making and how.

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looking like something else #viromecaravan

It seems that there’s a bit of a theme developing from people seeing in the caravan – or the whole practice – stuff that isn’t there.

It’s curious imho since cells too – perceive some other thing, not a virus, but a friendly shape they recognise and let in.

(I wonder if that’s a kind of heuristic cellular behaviour..)

People think the virome caravan is pulled by bicycle – even
after being shown the skateboard.

Some think it’s to sell food or to sell caravans like that.
Do you sell these?
Nope. Have you had a look at the website?
Is it not clearly nothing to do with selling?
Well.. I thought maybe you DO sell afterall.

Other people think the whole viromecaravan is part of a charity related activity. Going around raising money or awareness for one charity or another.

There are people who are convinced this kind of a structure is precisely what homeless people have been waiting for –
despite the fact that people who actually work with homelessness –
think differently.

Another kind of looking at something else but not what it is, comes via reactions like:
I LOVE IT – what is it?
Hold on.. Lets check this.. You love this but have no idea what it is?


performance – and possibly art #viromecaravan

Since I was looking at performance art recently, perhaps the following thought exercise came about:

With the skateboard taken in mind –
Can the whole episode be done as a performance?
How can we have, forgive the direct rudeness, something like
A skateboard theft Performance.
We could literally perform – someone leaving the board in town and someone else taking it away in an agreed fashion.
However, what if we took it a step further?
What if we said that the theft has to come genuinely from someone that takes without asking.
How could that come? Well, we may want to put the object/skateboard somewehre it can be taken from. However, suppose no one picks it up? Or suppose, in case the board is there for a few days, some local person places it in the bin? Or that since the object is there for a long time, someone concludes it belongs to no one – and Therefore take it. (ie they may think it’s there for taking rather than for getting stolen..)

If the skateboiard stealing was a performance –
how could it come re-enacted in a genuine and authentic manner?

Will it not then matter How such a performance be Named?

Something like:
“The stealing of X” – may come as any kind of taking the X object as stealing.
However, with a name like:
“A possible stealing of X?” – may come more inclusive and allow a genuine sensation for what ever may come?


initial thoughts regarding art and gps frictions

The basic notion is that:

Suppose you have something someone else fancies.
A well funded person can always approach you and offer to buy.
Suppose you claim there’s nothing to sell – a well funded person could still attempt to buy via various legal means and sanctions. (eg, get you fired from a job, unless you sell the stuff.)

Suppose a similar situation with a person that has much less funds than yourself or the 1st example –
and what would they do in case they need, want or desire something you have?

Here comes the gps frictions.
A gps device that may track an object – however, to get it,
you need to agree negotiating with others who might take the thing being tracked.
In other words:
The GPS tracker can check the where-abouts of a bike, coat, phone, boat, art object, etc –
only after the person that places the gps
agrees that in case the stuff is taken, they will use that friction of taking the object – to negotiate theirs, and others, connections with each other as well as the object.

Perhaps this is a useful illustration of how stuff like ViromeCaravan is like a furnace kiln through which other, unexpected, may escape


art gps frictions? #viromecaravan

How to get stuff tagged with gps – however, with the idea of using the friction (of someone taking without asking) as an opening to re-negotiate and imagine anew the connection with that which could be taken.

Another thought has to do with performance – and possibly art at that.


Shield tempo #viromecaravan

A tempo of shields?

There’s something between an agreement and materiality, when staying in the virome caravan.

Perhaps it will turn out that that the temporary is actually a question of Tempo – as in time of cultural acceptance rather than the temporal – less permanent than bricks and mortar – nature of the structure?

A shelter comes from shield. We can have a structure that shields from the elements. A sheild from the stuff we can not discuss and perhaps come to an agreement with.
Not domesticated animals?
Walls will fence them away.
Winds, rains, sun rays, colds and heat-waves?
Walls and roofs will keep them away from us, humans.
..and to keep humans?
Suppose we didn’t have spontaneous and un ruled elements nor animals to deal with. We could, as in dogvill (movie), to simply make lines that delineate domains. Like zebra crossing may tell humans where to stop a vehicle and where to cross.
We could have had lines. I could have a caravan that materialises anywhere by simply making lines on a surface stating – this is such and such Caravan. (Perhaps it could be an idea to do at times..)
However, instead of going around with a chalk – there’s a structure that operates to sheild from elements, animals and mostly – other humans.

That sheltering from other humans seems kind of strange in some ways.
The strangeness, in my mind, is that of violence. When I place the caravan somewhere – say on the side of a road, in a parking space or on a bit of grass inb a park – there’s a certain statement done silently:
I am Here.
In case someone don’t like me being there, they are required to challenge. In that way, perhaps there’s a violence of their course of life. How they might fancy that course of life without having to engage with the virome caravan.

Some people do say things. Perhaps tentatively, some suggest this caravan is practically a tent. Should I reply with a house is a kind of a tent in bricks and mortar?
Should I agree and move on?

Tents though, in the UK, are deemed illegal to pitch unless in pitching grounds.
A tent on wheels?
Hard to tell.

Winds, rats, foxes, rain, birds poo and such – don’t ask such questions. They just seem to go:
Oh! a physical thing, I can not go through. Lets go around, stick on top, bounce off, and so on – pending on the elements or animal.

These ways, perhaps we can claim that the Virome caravan lives as an in-between (moving) negotiations, negotiating shelter?

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Charity or nothing else? #viromecaravan

There’s “something” about the perception – maybe insistence? – that viromecaravan is done for a charitable cause. (else, are you mad??)

The madness definition apart – and it’s designation as acceptable for charity – there seems to be a belief that any kind of charity is cool.

Suppose viromecarvan was done for a charity, would you support Any charity? (in case you happen to support charities as a general kinda cool a thing.)

Charities could come in all sorts of ways and causes. Help the tory party. For the benefit of one violent christian group or another. Or for art that, while i might support in jolly times, could come as an elitist fart for many.

Perhaps though, the charity thing comes as some kind of a personal connection. Something like:
hey. whatever cause you support seems very important for you – respect! ..and hey, it looks funny too. i can take a picture and share it on facebook! yay!! Cheers, mate!

Another way to consider these questions may come more radically –
all these are simply narratives, sequences, clusters of frictions that require no other thing but connections themselves.

In that sense, or sensation, we get away from the notion of function, again. The function arrests the action and when the activity is imagination – a wondering – its the zoo cage for that particular wild wild mind?

It’s like humans have a friction with the viromecaravan and go:
OH! That’s wild! Can not take wild – let’s explain that, put my mind at rest: Must be a charitable cause!
..and I?
I go:
OH! That’s wild! Why do they need to arrest the viromecaravan into a functional activity or a concept?? A why that is an opening to invite imagination itself rather than a cage for a concept of Why People/Humans do this or that.

The rain, when coming in contact with the viromecaravan, doesn’t think – and has no function either. ..It’s going to rain tonight or/and tomorrow..

about else thoughts

#viromecaravan art and documentation?

Since around the 1950s and 60’s, it has become traditional for art and cultural projects to use documentation as a way of dissemination, circulation, and evidence generation of activities and related works.

Through such practices we get various kinds of documentation critique. Ideas that critically engage with specific modes of documentation. For example, photography philosophy that claims events, works and projects are made for the camera.
If cameras have not witnessed such and such act, did the action occur? (A claim that may find contemporary resonances from humans going on civil-rights demos just to get instagramed, through to sentiments that when activities are not shared online – it is as if they never happened, and art oriented works like “How Not To Be Seen” by Hito Steyerl.)

I think that documentation has a range of aesthetic enclosures of entertainment – walled gardens made of transparent bricks. Yes – documentations, like Anderson’s emperor, come naked IMHO.
For example:
Documentary dynamics create binary aesthetics made of contemplating Work/Project as a set Reality on one side, and a “documenting” Image/Representation of that reality on another side.
A dynamic which obfuscates the fact that any record is a measurement measuring itself. (hence the cultural conflicts between measurements. Like between metric and imperial.) A binarism that considers a reality beyond the documentation. Something that documenting materials come as an evidence for.
While this may sound like dismissing a real beyond the means of perception – as if the “real” comes only as the Means of perception, the ideas here are slightly different.
A difference which requires clarification since there’s a connection with the idea of creating an aesthetic language.
To put it somehow crudely:
Yes, the viromecaravan moves as a reality.
However, documenting that, focuses attention on the subject – ie viromecaravan as a reality – rather than the fact that via the documentation we spontaneously have new dynamics – hence new realities emerge. Reals that were not there prior to documentation.
A friction between such and such documentational manner, and the viromecaravan brings a new In-Between. Such In-Betweens, such Intervals, rather than images, texts, sounds and other documentation processes – come to life – such intervals are realities in and of themselves, as much as the caravan is.

While its clear that for certain cultural and art activities documentation of some kind or another is imperative, else the whole effort, the whole set of gestures may evaporate like a fang bite from a cloud –
I think How the documentative process operates has a range of resonances and connections which may require, at the very least, new questioning and approaches.

Documentation questioning occurs in various ways through activities I am connected with.

The radical way is to abandon documentation by:
opening up for other elements to get involved in whatever effort is taken.
Considering activities as Ports that create languages to escape. IE
do we need to document the language of Cinema? Computing? Networking? Painting? Philosophising? English? and so on?
Sure, we get documents, data in one way or another that offer suggestions on How to do these languages. However such documents operate as ways of sharing ideas on how to evolve such and such language – they are part of the language’s evolution.
Indeed, when languages begin to come documented as a reality – such documentation comes in ways of and for preservation. An attempt to keep a record of something that’s eminently dying.