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someone has seen the wondering skateboard #viromecaravan

A visit to the open market in brighton produced an unexpected fruit –
told me they Know who has the arsenic skateboard!
Yes, they said – someone around brunswick sq, they insisted.
Any more details?
They said that whoever has arsenic tried to sell it for 50 pounds or something like that. Apparently no one bought it for the thing is too unique and it was obvious the person attempting to sell
might not own the board entirely legally.

We exchanged phone numbers and the person told me they will try to make the connection for a bit of a fee.
A strange demand imho – however, they did not come across as thriving but barely surviving.. (which may explain away a certain seeming obsession with money? why explain..?)
the strange thing is that by demanding money they may place themselves in a peril.
Suppose I was a bit of a capitalist?
I’d go to the police and say: Recall the skateboard story? Here’s a name and a phone number of someone who Knows..
The police will go Thanks, pick up the homeless person and make their lives a bit harsher.

all for money??

No way!

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how to continue during lockdown #viromecaravan

Seemingly we are at the brink of a new lockdown from the 5th.
(some tory publications say that since the R rate went down past day or so – lockdown may have a delay button, and with bojo-and-gang, u-turns come as the preferred jungle..)

Since I didn’t manage to get any electricity generetation with the virome caravan, and
because electricity is needed imho
the movements with Viromecaravan will have to alter and include

( 🙁 that so far i am yet to hear back from )

So far, the wind was instrumental in telling where, which direction, to move with the caravan.
On route, we stop in places like cafes to charge electric devices.
However, now that cafes will be only take-away, how do we charge while moving between no-wheres in particular..?

Here are the options as they seem to begin with. (any thoughts, additions, suggestions and other betterments are welcome.)

* Asking people to offer electricity from their houses. (i could park outside and get a looooooooooong cable.)

* Keeping around my house. ie coming and going only for electricity while moving away in winds’ directions.

all these moving inclinations come with a notice that in case the local police
notes that viromecaravan can not move AT ALL during lockdown
the affordance movement, the
moving of a virus by where, when, and how they are afforded a transition from one place to another –
will become confined to where my house is.


a spontaneous pandemic way to live? #viromecaravan

Was stopped for a chat about viromecaravan.

At the end of the chat, I wished them good luck with the lockdown. (due to descend in 2 days.)
That prompted a jesting speech to the tune of:
“yes.. with all these lockdowns – we’d all Need a virome caravan”

Sometimes, I think, there are revelations in jest. The funny stuff points at certain things that actually hold.
It seems so in this case because other people mentioned in passing that the virome caravan may come as a kind of solution for maintaining movement – rather than confinement and being locked – during pandemic times like covid.

It comes interesting imho since
one of the prompts for the caravan has the aspect of how to maintain connections and movements despite the mortal need to keep
safe and distances that support safety.


winds, air, curiosities and gender?? #viromcaravan

Sitting in a cafe and drying from the windy rain.
The caravan is in my view. Left the window open (only one at the back), since it will be good to get air circulated after a condensated night.

People pass by and look At the caravan. Some read the words on the body, some look around and under, others swing head at the caravan’s direction as they walk by, yet more stop to look at a number of things (can tell since they point) and discuss.

In my mind, it is strange that people may attempt to resolve, to unforld in their minds questions like: “wtf is this caravan?” – rather than simply go to the website or searx the name.
Perhaps humans enjoy – or feel some thrill – attempting to reply a question based on past clues berried in their culture’s minds?
Perhaps, indeed, the process isn’t to do with the seeming resolution to questions like “what is this” – but
a feeling of satisfaction that may wait in case they could asnwer themselves
could this could also come as a process in which
though using pre existing notions, concepts, ideas, experiences and knowledge – the thrill is
in the operating the formerly held mind?
or indeed
a bit like I do here –
just a thrill of sliding and surfing from one thing to another from a particular question into an infinity that has yet to come into senses?

Why know something when we can have sensations from it??

However, when male and female looking humans come across the caravan – mixed sex couples – the body langugage from curiosity seems generally different.
The female looking humans attempt to look inside, through the open window – while the male ones take a step back.

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seen and un-captured knock knock #virtomecaravan

last night i heard:
Knock knock
on the caravan.

Hi, they said, do you need Anything?
Thanks! All is fine – fancy some of my food? (i asked)
Are you not cold?
It’s rather warm here.. Surprisingly so.

Tuned out they noticed the virome caravan a few days ago, checked the website and indeed asked about the skateboard..
Yet, of course, how would one have a clue about that being seen, thought and imagined in a particular manner?

Indeed.. Do we need to capture such frictions, or shall we not just simply embrace and indeed – encounter the fact – that they are there?
Do we need to measure and acknowledge how many times past progressive was used within a frictive manner in the past X time –
or can we allow the fact that such manner of speaking, thinking, writing and wondering is, a bit like the virome caravan, are out


covid at (kinda) home? #viromecaravan

Just a note really – a very dear friend got the covid 🙁
I am a bit worried about them and their partner – a very dear friend as well!
How does that work with the viromecravan?
It seems I will keep around for a few days since – with affordability in mind –
got a message that I might come needed.

This isn’t that the viromecaravan is needed ofcourse, which introduces a question of distances and how they operate when the elements addressed by others – make distinctions.

Suppose you had a friend who wasn’t really interested in your lovely self – but your clothing style. They wanted to become friends just because you wear clothes they like and are inspired by.
Perhaps that may sound familiar and common to a fair few relationships, which is probably true – however,
when do such category making – eg, a difference between yourself and clothes, one which a person might not make themselves in the sense that my clothing sense isn’t apart, but an integral part of me –
when do such different distinctions come to life?

While in a moving vehicle, humans – or others – move in the same velocity, the same speeds’ impact energy as the vehicle – in that sense there’s a certain unity there.
However, tat unity is easily separable.

With the virome caravan, perhaps there’s an inter dependency that unites us – me and the caravan..?


falling and ? #viromecaravan

Yesterday, one of the new shoe laces decided to open up without a warning.
Therefore I managed to fall somehow spectacularly with the caravan on top of my legs.
Surprisingly, nothing was broken.

Some people smiled or smirked – which is kind of almost an assumed reaction from humans.
The others’ misfortune is a basic staple of humour:
HAHA! Look at them fall.

Many years ago, a teacher with 2 walking sticks, came to the class with a story.
They told about how stepping off a buss – they fell over. A group of kids who noticed the fall, began to laugh and point. (or is it point and laugh?)
Anyhow, the teachers’ point was that they too began to laugh – since, they said, they could see, from the kids point of view – it was funny.

Perhaps it’s not entirely clear from this story, however, I think the direction – of being able to, for example, laugh at one’s self and perceive the others’ perception – is of recovery from a mishap.

Recovery, sorting out, managing to carry on, to learn and do better – After Falling – comes as an important condition.
We all fall and fail.
I recall M Jordan (basketball WOW!) – recalling all his misses rather than baskets..

The only thing here is that, possibly apart from tieing my own shoe laces batter – i don’t like shoe laces, btw – there’s possibly not much else to learn and recover.
Just a bit of a carry on? 😉

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energy coffee energy and #viromecaravan

In case you bothered checking the links, then possibly you noticed the section to do with possible ways for generating energy.

There are 2 options mentioned on that page:
Windpal – which seems to be permanently out of stock. (is this another way of saying “out of business”?)
a youtube link to someone that makes DIY energy generating devices which, on the videos, look fairly cool.
Curiously though, while professing to view the stuff as open source, there are a fair few asterix that come with that:
Open source you need to pay (to the channel) in case one fancies more detailed descriptions and some such.
Is this how opensource – as an idea and practice – is evolving with the help of google ways of android being Opensource under our control and say so?

On top of the 2 options above – which seem to offer deadended roads,
there are – which seems both expensive and somehow not yet in production.
and – which seems curious since the company’s uk site seems down, their page on amazon (i know..) offers the same product that’s on for $135 at the .com site, for over £200 –
all of which sounds a bit, well, shall we say dodgy?

I wonder if there’s a solarpunk place that could offer a solution..?
For a bit about solarpunk:

..and thew cafe in the title?
Well.. That’s my current way to get energy on the move. Get a coffee at a cafe and charge devices up.
However, it’s limiting, limited and in case of an upcoming lockdown –
there will be no way to get electricity charged.

(was looking at ways to connect into electric vehicle charging points – no joy there as well.)

Wonder if thie whole episode illustrates how energy production is reliant on large networks. A situation through which we get a by-product of having to be limited in how, when, when and where we move to?
(that’s not saying they control, a distance from by product. Like the fact we get poisons coming out of certain engines, means not the production of these things was intended – designed – to kill us..)



encounters with silence #viromecaravan

Some instances, flickering – very quick – kind of frictions, have a strange kind of taste.
It’s nothing special nor specific to the viromecaravan, sure.
You know..
When you hear a person saying a certain remark, a particular statement – perhaps about yourself, someone or something else –
and you want to reply, but something stop that come back from being launched?

How can I say such and such without hurting them, this person I know not..
How, for example, will a reactiong to someone saying to me:
“You don’t see this everyday” (“this” being this caravan.)
can I point out that if the You was directed at me, then it’s actually obvious I do see this caravan everyday..
to point out something to the contrary, during a passing encounter –
without appearing to put down, or worst?

Currently, it’s silence. These are encounters with silence in which two or more people may passingly engage with one another – however, partly through a silence…
Different to encounters with statements and a body language in reply (like a smile or a flown), or when two people pass each other with a smile. There are plenty of these,
however, perhaps more common and less discussed, are these silent type?
One may make a statement, a gesture or some other kind of expression towards another –
and that another feels silent outside and a storm of sounds inside.

Silences can come pretty loud indeed, familiar?

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for homeless charities? #viromecaravan

Had a chat with a friend last night about the fact no homeless charity has picked up on this with something like:
Hey – lets’ do this and that.

My friend suggested that maybe I should be more prescriptive and assertive in contacting such charities.
Offer a workshop.

Hummmm.. A workshop requires tools, materials, and space to do it. (though that could be done in a park or something..)

Currently, I am thinking perhaps a talk? I could talk about how it was built, how it is to live in it, similar ideas that go around and what could be done better.
The idea is to use such a talk as an opening, to find out through the presentation if people actually fancy going to some kind of making and how.

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looking like something else #viromecaravan

It seems that there’s a bit of a theme developing from people seeing in the caravan – or the whole practice – stuff that isn’t there.

It’s curious imho since cells too – perceive some other thing, not a virus, but a friendly shape they recognise and let in.

(I wonder if that’s a kind of heuristic cellular behaviour..)

People think the virome caravan is pulled by bicycle – even
after being shown the skateboard.

Some think it’s to sell food or to sell caravans like that.
Do you sell these?
Nope. Have you had a look at the website?
Is it not clearly nothing to do with selling?
Well.. I thought maybe you DO sell afterall.

Other people think the whole viromecaravan is part of a charity related activity. Going around raising money or awareness for one charity or another.

There are people who are convinced this kind of a structure is precisely what homeless people have been waiting for –
despite the fact that people who actually work with homelessness –
think differently.

Another kind of looking at something else but not what it is, comes via reactions like:
I LOVE IT – what is it?
Hold on.. Lets check this.. You love this but have no idea what it is?