Shield tempo #viromecaravan

A tempo of shields?

There’s something between an agreement and materiality, when staying in the virome caravan.

Perhaps it will turn out that that the temporary is actually a question of Tempo – as in time of cultural acceptance rather than the temporal – less permanent than bricks and mortar – nature of the structure?

A shelter comes from shield. We can have a structure that shields from the elements. A sheild from the stuff we can not discuss and perhaps come to an agreement with.
Not domesticated animals?
Walls will fence them away.
Winds, rains, sun rays, colds and heat-waves?
Walls and roofs will keep them away from us, humans.
..and to keep humans?
Suppose we didn’t have spontaneous and un ruled elements nor animals to deal with. We could, as in dogvill (movie), to simply make lines that delineate domains. Like zebra crossing may tell humans where to stop a vehicle and where to cross.
We could have had lines. I could have a caravan that materialises anywhere by simply making lines on a surface stating – this is such and such Caravan. (Perhaps it could be an idea to do at times..)
However, instead of going around with a chalk – there’s a structure that operates to sheild from elements, animals and mostly – other humans.

That sheltering from other humans seems kind of strange in some ways.
The strangeness, in my mind, is that of violence. When I place the caravan somewhere – say on the side of a road, in a parking space or on a bit of grass inb a park – there’s a certain statement done silently:
I am Here.
In case someone don’t like me being there, they are required to challenge. In that way, perhaps there’s a violence of their course of life. How they might fancy that course of life without having to engage with the virome caravan.

Some people do say things. Perhaps tentatively, some suggest this caravan is practically a tent. Should I reply with a house is a kind of a tent in bricks and mortar?
Should I agree and move on?

Tents though, in the UK, are deemed illegal to pitch unless in pitching grounds.
A tent on wheels?
Hard to tell.

Winds, rats, foxes, rain, birds poo and such – don’t ask such questions. They just seem to go:
Oh! a physical thing, I can not go through. Lets go around, stick on top, bounce off, and so on – pending on the elements or animal.

These ways, perhaps we can claim that the Virome caravan lives as an in-between (moving) negotiations, negotiating shelter?