conspiracy education? #viromecaravan

Is it a conspiracy to assert that we live in a period of relative prevalence of conspiratorial oriented opinions?
Perhaps it feels like that prevalence since a fair few peole approach me while thinking the viromecaravan has something to do with covid as a conspiracy.

When chatting with such conspiracy oriented humans, i think
that while i should counter their line of thinking one way or another when possible – ie
not leading into some kind of a circular self righteous argumentation session –
such interventions should be made with dignity and respect for the human i am speaking with.

Is that approach a mistake?

Indeed, it seems i learn too from these interactions. Afterall, these are humans with thought processes that i have not really encountered before.

For example?
A person that actually expects people in power to offer a correct guidance to rely upon without questioning.
A person that may take power greed as a sign for not that something is wrong with power and violence but of
an evidence that anything they say is misleading –
hence anything that they oppose or don’t say, is true..

a person who told me they know covid is a conspiracy because they never met anyone who had covid.
Do you think the suffragettes were a conspiracy?
However, you never met them, have you?
But I have seen films, seen photos, read texts..
Yes, i said, so it is possible to tell whether something happens even if you have no direct experience. (Thought it was nailed, however..)
But that was history, not what’s now.
Is it not possible to transfer the same kind of info-crossing research to the present?
How can you when the government obviously lies.
They want to use covid to control us!
Yes.. That is possible – however, this is a different question from whether there is or isn’t covid. Its to do with how do we respond to the situation. How do we make the best of it and move forward better than we have entered. no?
Maybe.. But i do not think covid is real!!
At this point I broke a bit, i think.. Done something that perhaps i should not have. Said a truth:
Actually, a very good friend is fighting covid now, as we speak, at the hospital.
Here?? In Brighton??
I was surprised by the response.. This means they might have thought covid happens in some far away places but not here..

Perhaps another strange thing that comes clear is that we don’t have lessons in critical thinking at school – and sometimes not so much at unis either.
Are there classes to work on fallacies?
Indeed, how do you tell another human they might have a difficulty in thinking?
Nothing psychological or intellectual in-capacity, but a luck of knowledge and experience in appling ways of thinking.
Yet, with AI, we do teach them how to overcome fallacies with ever increasing rigour…