performance – and possibly art #viromecaravan

Since I was looking at performance art recently, perhaps the following thought exercise came about:

With the skateboard taken in mind –
Can the whole episode be done as a performance?
How can we have, forgive the direct rudeness, something like
A skateboard theft Performance.
We could literally perform – someone leaving the board in town and someone else taking it away in an agreed fashion.
However, what if we took it a step further?
What if we said that the theft has to come genuinely from someone that takes without asking.
How could that come? Well, we may want to put the object/skateboard somewehre it can be taken from. However, suppose no one picks it up? Or suppose, in case the board is there for a few days, some local person places it in the bin? Or that since the object is there for a long time, someone concludes it belongs to no one – and Therefore take it. (ie they may think it’s there for taking rather than for getting stolen..)

If the skateboiard stealing was a performance –
how could it come re-enacted in a genuine and authentic manner?

Will it not then matter How such a performance be Named?

Something like:
“The stealing of X” – may come as any kind of taking the X object as stealing.
However, with a name like:
“A possible stealing of X?” – may come more inclusive and allow a genuine sensation for what ever may come?