art and culture within and yet not without? #viromecaravan

covided culture in a shut cinema?

I think it is a legitimate question for us, during covid – how do we do culture?

Before getting into that, let’s try and and unshade a few things. Doing culture, imho, is an evolution, energies that escape with, without and within volition.
aka – i doubt living is plausible – let alone possible – without culture, human and otherwise.
Therefore, imho – whether we go to cinemas, galleries, clubs, cafes, libraries and such places –
affects How we do culture, rather than waht the image suggests.
(..that somehow we are without art and culture while places like cinemas are shut..)
Indeed, when considering Cinema kind of places, venues humans may come together to question, reflect, wonder, imagine, energize and therefore evolve Their culture collective –
it seems the focus comes on art and culture as a collaborative oriented process.
Even when the orientation comes on individuals, the collaborative togetherness is there through reliance of such individuals on various shared contexts.

Since we have been covided – aka implicated by a virus that enforce alterations in life and therefore culture ways of doing things –
perhaps the question should address the How imho.
There are
instant solutions that we swell into- tech network oriented solution. Museiums, festivals, conferences, galleries and performances have been
xoomed since covid began.
Apart from the fact that there are other – not commercial – technologies we can use,
I think that perhaps we can also ask a wider question that these covided times may offer –
have we shared culture, before covid, in the best way possibly plausible?
this break in the art sharing and doing habits,
this forced change,
could it not come as na opportunity to consider, let alone develop, other?
Some other ways to share, or are we going to confine ourselves into the technological solutions alone?

There’s nothing against technology going through my mind as i type on a networked pad via a laptop.
However, diversification is on mind, as well as multiple physicalities, frictions and ways.

The Virome Caravan offers a here and now suggestion to share and connect, do art’s calling for a shared evolution in a covid safe manner, while keeping a physicality mediated by other than binary pulses.