initial thoughts regarding art and gps frictions

The basic notion is that:

Suppose you have something someone else fancies.
A well funded person can always approach you and offer to buy.
Suppose you claim there’s nothing to sell – a well funded person could still attempt to buy via various legal means and sanctions. (eg, get you fired from a job, unless you sell the stuff.)

Suppose a similar situation with a person that has much less funds than yourself or the 1st example –
and what would they do in case they need, want or desire something you have?

Here comes the gps frictions.
A gps device that may track an object – however, to get it,
you need to agree negotiating with others who might take the thing being tracked.
In other words:
The GPS tracker can check the where-abouts of a bike, coat, phone, boat, art object, etc –
only after the person that places the gps
agrees that in case the stuff is taken, they will use that friction of taking the object – to negotiate theirs, and others, connections with each other as well as the object.

Perhaps this is a useful illustration of how stuff like ViromeCaravan is like a furnace kiln through which other, unexpected, may escape