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is this skateboard with you or someone familiar? #viromecaravan

This is a recording of yours truly at Brighton police station, asking whether the local police folk are happy to:
Locate the skateboard.
Promise no criminal action against anyone involved.

A little bit about this skateboard?

Here’s a snippet:

This board and has been through more than 1500 miles along 3 different continents.
Arsenic, the skateboard, has gone through mountains of snow, buckets of torrential rain, deserted desert roads flapping in heat, the northern european lush plains, and many city roads. From the dusty roads of Timisuara, through to the dense traffic of Rio de Jenario, from the ordered roads of brasilia, to the wildly shaking pavements of berlin, from the wetness of Manchester, to the hulls of Istanbul – and many other journys with plenty of stories untold.

However, respect.

Someone was willing to risk their freedom just to get this skateboard.
Someone might have bought it from some-one who thought taking this board will help them financially one way or another.

in case somehow you have a clue where Arsenic the skateboard might be –
I am happy to negotiate an agreement of returning back to who-ever
has the board.

For more details about why it might be cool to get in touch in case you do have the skateboard:
Here’s the long version about Arsenic.