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a skateboard taken?

Just realized that someone decided the skateboard is much better off with them.

It is kind of strange, IMHO.

I mean.. Look at this board and set up.. There’s nothing like that in the whole known universe.

The shape comes from non euclidean, 2 hyperbolic spirals. The material is carbon fiber and the name arsenic is made of phosphorus.
the board came from considering it – the skateboard – as a living organism yet to breath.
therefore elements of life were put together. from a shape that’s based on life forms’ geometry, through to carbon – a material for organisms, phosphorus – required by most life forms, and the name “arsenic” reflects on non carbon based lives we know of, the ones using arsenic instead.

The brackets are unique since they don’t require skateboard trucks and the whole setup is designed for long distance – something that is hardly everyone’s kind of kick.

In case anyone fancies using the board, it is very easy to recognise. Why would someone place themselves in risk of being tagged a thief so easily?
I would not want, wish nor desire Any Harm done to them – who ever they are!
doubtful they know that, yes?

Currently unsure what to do with this..
However, obviously.. Something will require a bit of a change until the skateboard issue gets sorted?