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..and PersonalBows?

PersonalBows are a beginning.
A step.
a. move. that. lives as. part of ViromeCaravan.

How to make a personalbow?

Let’s consider other bows: like sunbows, rainbows, fogbows, and moonbows*

In spontaneous (aka natural), material-only oriented bows, there are certain dynamics we may notice relatively easy:
Reflections – eg light reflected in water.
Refractions – eg a reflected light alters direction. In rainbows, refraction & reflections make the Bow. or like:
When a spoon is placed in a glass full of water, the bit in the water seems to have a different angle.
Dispersion – eg, the various colours and shades seen in light oriented bows. The light is divided into a spectrum of colours and shades.

These are dynamics in the makeup of various bows since via reflective, refractive and dispersive moves coming in certain frictions with one another – we get fogbows, moonbows and so on.

..and PersonalBows?
Here we are about to get into a few translations, analogies and approximations between human sentient operations and materials’ seeming less elastic ways of doing stuff.

Hopefully there’s at least an initial spark of affording such a connecting imagination.
Sure, this may not hold long, since the translation, approximation and possibly analogies could be mistaken. However, even if mistaken – as in somehow the connections and links fall and fail – the wonderings here seem curious and possible to take into other directions yet imagined.  Imagining connections that are themselves to do with dynamics between – like reflections, from the perspectives of reflections rather than human. By the very analogy  of, for example, human meaning creation as a material operation like refraction – rather than the other way around – I think we get an imagination from material operations through which the human wondering may live as an escapee. The motion in the notion comes from general spontaneous dynamics – through which other more specific frictions may connect. These specificities may be Mammalian, Plant, and directed technological ones – as well as more sophisticated such as apes, humans, whales, ai and others.   
(Possibly, the mistaken interest has to do a bit with what Haraway calles “fabulations”)

Here’s a fairly commonly occurring dynamic that we will call here, to begin with, a **PersonalBow**:

    • Say a person may


    • on something, for example, the kind of clothes they wear.

In terms of PersonalBows, we can say that there’s a certain element connect-able with the other kinds of Bows mentioned – a reflection.

Therefore, to continue with the dynamics of Bows like moonbows, we can find out whether the reflection has a connected refraction.
What may be a Human oriented refraction, an operation that may take one thing to seem something slightly different?
It seems that, one such operation may be Meaning giving. For example, a reflective wonder about the kind of clothing one wears, might mean – for them – that they want to consider environmental aspects of fashion, or move away from a set of friends, and such like. the point is, that we get a dynamic of altered direction from that of the reflections’.

That alteration in direction, seems connect-able with refractive operations.

Another element of bows like sunbows, is the dispersion. When we talk lights, there are various shades and colours to be noticed. However, in terms of a *PersonalBow*?
Perhaps we can say that how a reflection and refraction may imprint, express and affect themselves in one’s life – has dispersive qualities?
Reflecting the question of what one wears, doesn’t involve meanings only, there are bits of these reflective-meaning dynamics that vibrate through one’s life.
For example, a person might decide getting clothes only from charity shops, and so on.
Like light is being dispersed into constitutive parts, the personal clothing reflection has it’s own parts that make it.

Placed together in ways that maintain the connection between reflective, refractive and dispersive dynamics – we will get PersonalBows on the caravan.

For example:

MyFashion <—>
Focus on Environmenal Questions <—>
(HandMade,Local,Vegan,OnlyTerracottaRed,NoMakeUp,ShavedHeadOnly) <—>
<—> denoted that connections are between all 3 parts equally

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Hats off to Julian Weaver for pointing these bows.