about miscellaneous thoughts


How is this evolving?

We begin with moving like a virus to create personalBows-as-a-virome.
PersonalBows as a horizontally gathered residue of various viruses. Perhaps in this case, we are connecting
Refractions and
Diffusions dynamics as
PersonalBows – with such wondering that may, in itself be considered
“Mind Plaguing”.

All these are initial, perhaps somehow arbitrary, movements that may alter, mutate and most certainly evolve. (even if that evolution is a developmental kind)

PersonalBows as connected to a making of a virome are collected from various environmental elements.
That may Include humans – however, will not preclude others.

For example, environmental elements such as wind and rain will be included in the way that they may live as part of the dynamics that shape what remains with physical residues on the caravan itself.

That’s how we came to use Chalk – a material that may leave marks on the caravan’s plastic. Marks are left as scratches as well as coloured lines.
The caravan has a few materials that may be used to leave marks. Each material with their own characteristics as to how the marks left, look like and may remain – or otherwise.