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What are you reflecting about, from, or with?
A refraction could be how that which is being reflected appears differently yet connected. For example - Suppose the reflection is from living in the countryside. A refraction with that may be a sense of excitement when going to a city, or feeling dependent on motorised transport.
Dispersion is how Refracted and Reflected elements break into various bits. eg. Reflecting and refracting from the Rhythms of life may break into considering When one does things and how. Say one may reconsider their Vehicle usage and shopping times, places and distance from home.


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Please note that these are questions from sensations. Stuff that may seem curious in mind, that brings Questions and like an itch – a bit restless.

The focus here is on Aesthetics – as in sensual dynamics rather than a judgment of such movements, social studies, or testing a psychological theory.
All authentic PersonalBows sensations are cool and welcome –
Dark, windy, smelly, funny, light, multi shaded, and un-wondered in-imaginable non-imagined too.