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How to move with a ViromeCaravan?

How do viruses move?
(for example, all the way from Wuhan – to the Amazonian jungles.)

While each virus may have their own particular ways to enter cells and reproduce, viruses share a manner that allows them into cells.
That is by way of aesthetics of space, shape and elasticity. To put it shortly –
viruses enter cells by looking like something the cells consider rather friendly.
(Indeed, perhaps, since animals are so full of viruses – it may be the case that viruses don’t Want to kill cells, but learn how to live in them?)
Once inhabiting a cell, the virus multiply and attempts to get into neighbouring cells for repeating the operation.
From a virus perspective, each body – an ape, a bird, a cow or a human – are like cell farms that they fancy inhabiting. Therefore we get movement from one animal to another which is similar to that of between cells – the target animal’s body needs to allow the viruses in. That might be via sex, air, touch or whatever –
point is that once an appropriate connection is made for the virus – they enter cells, and from one body to another, may move from the Amzonian Jungles, all the way to the frozen plains of Siberia.

While the multiplication, mutation, development and other evolutionary processes may require force and definitely power and energy from the virus to inflict on their surroundings –
The movement from one cell to another, be it in a different body or just next to an already inhabited one –
that movement
is done by affordance.

The virus is allowed, the virus is afforded a way in.

In somehow a similar manner, the ViromeCaravan will move.

Affordance? Yes, going with terrain geography and architecture, with the wind – in direction the least amount of force is required.
There are also other more human elements involved – like where safety may be afforded, perhaps some humans will want to meet, suggest or restrict directions in various manners.

Multiplication and evolution? There’s nothing to stop anyone infected by a friction with the ViromeCaravan to make one themselves. This caravan will be interested to assist.
While evolutionary manners are there as an option – they are in some ways slightly different from other virus movements, as of now.

Thrival? The thriving of a virus via movements between inhabiting within cells. That element comes as part of how the caravan moves. For example, in case of a strong wind, we might require a shelter. In case of getting hungry, we might need to directly moving for a place with food.
In case of requiring electricity – we might need to intentionally find a place to re-charge devices.

I think, since these self-need based moves – allow movements that are allowed, that are afforded by environments and contextual elements –
these do come as part of the affordance dynamics notion of movement.

Any other suggestions?