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Charity or nothing else? #viromecaravan

There’s “something” about the perception – maybe insistence? – that viromecaravan is done for a charitable cause. (else, are you mad??)

The madness definition apart – and it’s designation as acceptable for charity – there seems to be a belief that any kind of charity is cool.

Suppose viromecarvan was done for a charity, would you support Any charity? (in case you happen to support charities as a general kinda cool a thing.)

Charities could come in all sorts of ways and causes. Help the tory party. For the benefit of one violent christian group or another. Or for art that, while i might support in jolly times, could come as an elitist fart for many.

Perhaps though, the charity thing comes as some kind of a personal connection. Something like:
hey. whatever cause you support seems very important for you – respect! ..and hey, it looks funny too. i can take a picture and share it on facebook! yay!! Cheers, mate!

Another way to consider these questions may come more radically –
all these are simply narratives, sequences, clusters of frictions that require no other thing but connections themselves.

In that sense, or sensation, we get away from the notion of function, again. The function arrests the action and when the activity is imagination – a wondering – its the zoo cage for that particular wild wild mind?

It’s like humans have a friction with the viromecaravan and go:
OH! That’s wild! Can not take wild – let’s explain that, put my mind at rest: Must be a charitable cause!
..and I?
I go:
OH! That’s wild! Why do they need to arrest the viromecaravan into a functional activity or a concept?? A why that is an opening to invite imagination itself rather than a cage for a concept of Why People/Humans do this or that.

The rain, when coming in contact with the viromecaravan, doesn’t think – and has no function either. ..It’s going to rain tonight or/and tomorrow..