A get out!! #viromecaravan

This morning was a 1st “get out of here”.

A park gardener knocked at around 6.30am

“Whoever you are – it’s not a place to camp!” they continued with claiming that there’s a camping site near bye and, curiously imho, that had the police came, they’d nick me.

It’s curious since in one clear swoop of a morning warning they summed up the way state and business operate.
The state’s gut reaction is always to do what’s best for power and powerful.
While deviation has to come crashed out of encounters with state and power (financial or otherwise) – such crashing has to come at least amount of costs..
eg – it’s cheaper to scare than employing violence. even cheaper to need not scaring since a person may self-police.

Chomsky, Zizek’s take on ideologies may come to mind. However, possibly less encountered is a recent book:
Megamachine and Civilisation