winds, air, curiosities and gender?? #viromcaravan

Sitting in a cafe and drying from the windy rain.
The caravan is in my view. Left the window open (only one at the back), since it will be good to get air circulated after a condensated night.

People pass by and look At the caravan. Some read the words on the body, some look around and under, others swing head at the caravan’s direction as they walk by, yet more stop to look at a number of things (can tell since they point) and discuss.

In my mind, it is strange that people may attempt to resolve, to unforld in their minds questions like: “wtf is this caravan?” – rather than simply go to the website or searx the name.
Perhaps humans enjoy – or feel some thrill – attempting to reply a question based on past clues berried in their culture’s minds?
Perhaps, indeed, the process isn’t to do with the seeming resolution to questions like “what is this” – but
a feeling of satisfaction that may wait in case they could asnwer themselves
could this could also come as a process in which
though using pre existing notions, concepts, ideas, experiences and knowledge – the thrill is
in the operating the formerly held mind?
or indeed
a bit like I do here –
just a thrill of sliding and surfing from one thing to another from a particular question into an infinity that has yet to come into senses?

Why know something when we can have sensations from it??

However, when male and female looking humans come across the caravan – mixed sex couples – the body langugage from curiosity seems generally different.
The female looking humans attempt to look inside, through the open window – while the male ones take a step back.