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plants and #viromecaravan?

For a fair few weeks, the idea of getting plants came knocking. Sometimes frequent knocks, mostly unfamiliar knocks at various frequencies. Mostly, I wasn’t tuned. Or It seemed I wasn’t tuned – perhaps the back of my mind was? Something must have kept some kind of a connection with the idea of plants.
It might not even be me who kept the connection – could be the condensation in the mornings. It could be that the knocks were banged by condensation in the mornings since the very idea of plants came through that dampness. The morning wetness inside the virome caravan.

Let’s try this differently?

The idea of plants has grown through the port of condensation.
I never had plants to care for. However, plants have always, unwittingly – cared for me. (think oxygen)

The data about condensation suggested that perhaps there could be less of, or even disappear – once certain plants were about.
Which plants?
Peace Lilly and Ferns..

Nice, I thought.
Could be useful to wake up in a drier place, no?
However, in case plants come in – will it not make their stay dependent and made for the sole benefit of a human?
Will the plants be ok moving to and fro with the caravan and me? (a human who never cared for a plant before..)

Could I take care of them? Their needs? What are plants’ needs, desires and imaginations? (A silly questions since it’s unclear whether, when we talk plants in general, these particular ones, these kind of plants, plants that live in some intimate proximity with humans, and so on – that they may have an imagination independent of humans. These lives have been domesticated for many generations, and if other lives domesication can come as an indication – eg, birds, dogs, cats etc. – human breading ways, alter the domesticated from the wild. eg, birds that may be bread for how they sing rather than looks, and so on. Such interventions place human desires into the organisms evolution.)

I noticed a recent study that suggests plants converse with one another through roots. This study made me think: No way do I get a plant!!
How could these plants converse with others while in pots??!!

Plants Can ‘Talk’ To Each Other by Clicking Their Roots

At the end I did get plants.
How come?
Well.. A friend promised that they could take care of them in case the plants are unhappy with me one way or another.

Any other thoughts??