About this site?

An overview
The site operates as part of, an element in ViromeCaravan. The website will offer ways to connect with the caravan itself – via stuff like:
the tool to send PersonalBows
the contact form (any questions, remarks, thoughts, disses etc. – most welcome 🙂 )
the news section will bring notices that may seem to come relevant for possible ways to evolve dynamics that connect, link and allow ViromeCaravan’s journey.
the fyi – has texts and images About ViromeCaravan.

While using the term Experimental may sound like somewhere between
Possible and Plausible
taking a short and violent route OUT of any rigorous critique, as sometimes happens –
the experimentation here comes as part of risk taking. The risk of doing mistakes with the caravan begins with physical elements – as the body may break in various ways. There are risks of going on roads and sleeping in possibly not entirely hospitable environments.
Moving by affordance – by whet allows to move – offers another kind of risk taking since we can also get stuck a bit, as well as having to forego a bit of foresight as to Where we move.
Experimentation, as different from Experimentalism that celebrates forms of known experimental gestures, requires some kind of risks. Doing stuff that we are clueless as how come they are done. Doing stuff since there’s a restless desire, an itch, rather than a history of reliability.

This kind of turn towards itching cluelessness is also part of the language used on this website..

Therefore it may come across awkward, weird and less than familiar at times. However, hopefully when weird grammar is used, when less than familiar kind of phraseology and terms appear, and some awkwardness may seem palpable –
they come since they are called for. They come since they – like the rest of this line – Escape into life via other options that fail.
(rather than a language forced by some kind of an ideology. for example,
how would one talk in english of evolving life, rather than a defined identified existence? How can we do that empahsis on life’s hard-to-define qualities, when the grammar emphasises Being, as a kind of captive via the verb “to be”? This is a genuine question since I am clueless, hence offer a few possibilities through the text – each with it’s own kind of a risk.)

In case you read this, you are Invited to knock this ViromeCaravan down via the wonders of your intelligence.
Indeed, I think that only a few elements in this ViromeCaravan may have lives of some sublimity –
lives that may evolve rather than come into a coiled collection of past possibilities to offer memories.

Phrases and grammar usage, at times, may seem like english – however not exactly as (most humans) use.
This comes as part of a wider move to place a question-mark along standardised languages – spoken and otherwise. and
(For example, the last line might read smoother in form of: “This IS a part of..” – however, the IS both imagines a present and that it, the verb to Be, as some kind of a steady object. However, a difference is imagined via pointing towards evolutionary dynamics – stuff may come, as that may go, pause, have a swim, disappear, and so on? Imagination rather than existence oriented english?)

While yours truly could speak more daily kind of english –
it seems in-appropriate to attempt at anything other than genuinely authenticity.
Meaning there’s not much entertainment – attempting to please, to stroke places that already feel nice, safe, good and cosey.

Language usage, like the viromeCaravan themselves – is taking some kind of a risk. Risking rejection, miscommunication, and mostly – coming out all Wrong in terms of practice and its connectivities.

These risks are taken since they go along with focusing on evolutionary dynamics (ie, anything may indeed happen), imaginal sensations aesthetics (i.e. sharing sensations as imaginations that have dynamics – hence aesthetics), and since all are a making if not creating kind of a process –
cutting corners is not an option.

It is understood that such a process may not feel easy, or may feel uneasy in a not very necessary way.
Therefore, Please – with lots of sweets on top – Ask, Say, Note, Critique, Give us A shout – we can talk.

The headings are in a font developed specifically with dyslexia in mind. OpenDyslexic.

The narratives behind fonts for Dyslexia are curious since there isn’t an actually conclusive evidence Dyslexic benefit from that font.
It seemed apt to use here since, there’s something virus-like in the question of Dyslexia oriented fonts effectivity.
Perhaps, like a cell, the dyslectic reading brain requires particular shapes to make life easier.
Perhaps like a virus, dyslexic oriented fonts, present themselves as possible friends?
As possibly friendly shapes, dyslexia oriented fonts may multiply – however, are they really friendly for dyslexic humans? Could some humans feel in-adequet dyslexic in case the very font ForThem – reads awkwardly? In such a case, could they, like a cell rejecting a virus – take action confidently?
More over, since we are talking here Viromes – regardless of the eventual friendlyness – or otherwise – of the font, the residue of such a font ever had a contact with humans, at least for a while – will linger after this particular jury come to a conclusion and verdict seems long forgotten.