Photos chimnea bus?

There’s a stretch of a road, somewhere around Shoreham lighthouse, that I usually dread skateboarding. It’s a tight stretch and drivers tend to react angrily to my relatively slow progress on the skateboard. A movement they find having to follow since the road isn’t wide enough to get passed.

Today it’s probably the 3rd time I am passing through this stretch by the lighthouse with the ViromeCaravan.
Past few times, drivers didn’t seem angry – and i put it to the fact i was skateboarding with the caravan.
Felt strange, since with the caravan the movement is even slower than that of just skateboarding.

(Perhaps it’s not the speed they get pissed off with when skateboarding? This may become interesting since in case it’s not the speed, there could be a power question relevance..)

Today.. Apart from the seemingly usual, people drive slowly behind and when they can pass – raise thumbs up, there was a bus just behind me with many people in it pointing phone/cameras at the caravan and raising their thumbs.

Somehow though, I doubt people attempt to actually check wtf the ViromeCaravan is. Perhaps the encounter is ridiculous enough?