For a charity or madness

Hi, (they said) this is great! I love it! (they professed) Which charity do I pay??
There’s no charity involved.
What do you mean??!!
Well.. Its done with art in mind. Fancy paying my very own art world? 😉
C’omon! If its not done for a charity – then, excuse my language, you are mad!
hummm.. Actually.. I did ask the Dr a few years back: would you give me a cerificate saying i was mad? They refused..Fancy their phone number? (btw.. that was part of a language from un wanted and discarded identities.. eg, called the police asking for a criminal record..)

The conversation, with the demand for a charitable cause is curious imho..
the requirement for a cause.. a goal – else you mind is “wrong” if nt clinically insane?
could the beeps, thumbs up and general favorable will from people, come to their preconception this must be some kind of a charitable act?

Perhaps the lot just underlines the sense of ludicrousity, absurdity, and ridiculousness intertwined with this virome caravan?

(intertwined? entwined? intrAtwined?)