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a morning from G?

Just got these thoughtful images from a passer bye who was kind enough to ping me and smoothly tell me off for neglecting the image upload option on the contact form.

Many cheers and thanks for G! 🙂

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Taken a pic or a clip?

Some people take images of the caravan in various ways.

In case you are one of them humans – if you ping me, I’ll post your images with a link to you, in case you are cool with that.

Any documentation of stuff to do with the viromecaravan, fails to seem relevant coming from me.
A Concised version of the notion is that:
Documentations have their own languages, own projections and idea kinds. Since the stuff I do is inspired by documentation practices – eg, the interest is in languages and other dynamics coming from one practice or another – doing documentation myself will be an over the top activity.

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Images of Inside the caravan?

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images slide testing too

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Testing the caravan

A couple of still images with a skateboard.

Caravan tesing

testing the caravan