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someone has seen the wondering skateboard #viromecaravan

A visit to the open market in brighton produced an unexpected fruit –
told me they Know who has the arsenic skateboard!
Yes, they said – someone around brunswick sq, they insisted.
Any more details?
They said that whoever has arsenic tried to sell it for 50 pounds or something like that. Apparently no one bought it for the thing is too unique and it was obvious the person attempting to sell
might not own the board entirely legally.

We exchanged phone numbers and the person told me they will try to make the connection for a bit of a fee.
A strange demand imho – however, they did not come across as thriving but barely surviving.. (which may explain away a certain seeming obsession with money? why explain..?)
the strange thing is that by demanding money they may place themselves in a peril.
Suppose I was a bit of a capitalist?
I’d go to the police and say: Recall the skateboard story? Here’s a name and a phone number of someone who Knows..
The police will go Thanks, pick up the homeless person and make their lives a bit harsher.

all for money??

No way!