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Questions from Kids?

I was in Brighton’s open market today.

Parked the ViromeCaravan and did some work while waiting for a friend to come.
As it happened, a group of kids was having lunch near where the viromecaravan was parking.

The kids’ curiosity was a bit of a mind opening and welcomed to boot.

Some kids looked inside the ViromeCaravan:

I think they asked things adults – or some adults – may fancy asking, but fail to allow themselves.(?)
(Perhaps it’s an utterly mistaken assertion, however, intuitively it feels something in that vicinity..)

Lets’ find out?

In case you happen to be an Adult – would you ask:
Q: Where is Your kitchen?
It’s small minimal and consists of a packed stove + gas, a single pot and a foil wrapped flat base. Since I eat mostly raw foods, the usage is manly for making coffee/tea.

Q: Where do you sleep?
An eva mat and a sleeping bag.

Q: How do you go to toilet?
I have something a bit like a potty.
However, when possible, I use publicly available facilities..

Q: How do you clean?
I have a wet-able towel and wipes when weather allows.
Dry cleaning spay for other times.

Q: Where are your bike??
I move with a skateboard and walking.

A few kids got to lift the bit i use for carrying the caravan.
I think they agreed it’s less heavy than they thought.