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how to continue during lockdown #viromecaravan

Seemingly we are at the brink of a new lockdown from the 5th.
(some tory publications say that since the R rate went down past day or so – lockdown may have a delay button, and with bojo-and-gang, u-turns come as the preferred jungle..)

Since I didn’t manage to get any electricity generetation with the virome caravan, and
because electricity is needed imho
the movements with Viromecaravan will have to alter and include

( 🙁 that so far i am yet to hear back from )

So far, the wind was instrumental in telling where, which direction, to move with the caravan.
On route, we stop in places like cafes to charge electric devices.
However, now that cafes will be only take-away, how do we charge while moving between no-wheres in particular..?

Here are the options as they seem to begin with. (any thoughts, additions, suggestions and other betterments are welcome.)

* Asking people to offer electricity from their houses. (i could park outside and get a looooooooooong cable.)

* Keeping around my house. ie coming and going only for electricity while moving away in winds’ directions.

all these moving inclinations come with a notice that in case the local police
notes that viromecaravan can not move AT ALL during lockdown
the affordance movement, the
moving of a virus by where, when, and how they are afforded a transition from one place to another –
will become confined to where my house is.