falling and ? #viromecaravan

Yesterday, one of the new shoe laces decided to open up without a warning.
Therefore I managed to fall somehow spectacularly with the caravan on top of my legs.
Surprisingly, nothing was broken.

Some people smiled or smirked – which is kind of almost an assumed reaction from humans.
The others’ misfortune is a basic staple of humour:
HAHA! Look at them fall.

Many years ago, a teacher with 2 walking sticks, came to the class with a story.
They told about how stepping off a buss – they fell over. A group of kids who noticed the fall, began to laugh and point. (or is it point and laugh?)
Anyhow, the teachers’ point was that they too began to laugh – since, they said, they could see, from the kids point of view – it was funny.

Perhaps it’s not entirely clear from this story, however, I think the direction – of being able to, for example, laugh at one’s self and perceive the others’ perception – is of recovery from a mishap.

Recovery, sorting out, managing to carry on, to learn and do better – After Falling – comes as an important condition.
We all fall and fail.
I recall M Jordan (basketball WOW!) – recalling all his misses rather than baskets..

The only thing here is that, possibly apart from tieing my own shoe laces batter – i don’t like shoe laces, btw – there’s possibly not much else to learn and recover.
Just a bit of a carry on? 😉