encounters with silence #viromecaravan

Some instances, flickering – very quick – kind of frictions, have a strange kind of taste.
It’s nothing special nor specific to the viromecaravan, sure.
You know..
When you hear a person saying a certain remark, a particular statement – perhaps about yourself, someone or something else –
and you want to reply, but something stop that come back from being launched?

How can I say such and such without hurting them, this person I know not..
How, for example, will a reactiong to someone saying to me:
“You don’t see this everyday” (“this” being this caravan.)
can I point out that if the You was directed at me, then it’s actually obvious I do see this caravan everyday..
to point out something to the contrary, during a passing encounter –
without appearing to put down, or worst?

Currently, it’s silence. These are encounters with silence in which two or more people may passingly engage with one another – however, partly through a silence…
Different to encounters with statements and a body language in reply (like a smile or a flown), or when two people pass each other with a smile. There are plenty of these,
however, perhaps more common and less discussed, are these silent type?
One may make a statement, a gesture or some other kind of expression towards another –
and that another feels silent outside and a storm of sounds inside.

Silences can come pretty loud indeed, familiar?