covid at (kinda) home? #viromecaravan

Just a note really – a very dear friend got the covid 🙁
I am a bit worried about them and their partner – a very dear friend as well!
How does that work with the viromecravan?
It seems I will keep around for a few days since – with affordability in mind –
got a message that I might come needed.

This isn’t that the viromecaravan is needed ofcourse, which introduces a question of distances and how they operate when the elements addressed by others – make distinctions.

Suppose you had a friend who wasn’t really interested in your lovely self – but your clothing style. They wanted to become friends just because you wear clothes they like and are inspired by.
Perhaps that may sound familiar and common to a fair few relationships, which is probably true – however,
when do such category making – eg, a difference between yourself and clothes, one which a person might not make themselves in the sense that my clothing sense isn’t apart, but an integral part of me –
when do such different distinctions come to life?

While in a moving vehicle, humans – or others – move in the same velocity, the same speeds’ impact energy as the vehicle – in that sense there’s a certain unity there.
However, tat unity is easily separable.

With the virome caravan, perhaps there’s an inter dependency that unites us – me and the caravan..?