new plants #viromecaravan

Following the taking of the 1st plants in the caravan – got 2 other ones from the same kinds:
a peace lilly and a boston fern.

curious how our relationship will turn, fold, develop and evolve.


a tear into the #viromecaravan

Parked the viromecaravan outside a cafe in Worthing.

Coming out, noticed a tear in the side. The shiny bit in the middle? The one that’s basically made of floor insulation?
There was a tear into it..
A human?
Something sharp fell on it?
Does it matter?
There’s a tear into the insulation bit that covered the body of the caravan.

Curious though, with the shield shelter thoughts in mind?

Will have to fix it since I am concerned water will enter between the insulation and the corraplast.

log thoughts

Charity or nothing else? #viromecaravan

There’s “something” about the perception – maybe insistence? – that viromecaravan is done for a charitable cause. (else, are you mad??)

The madness definition apart – and it’s designation as acceptable for charity – there seems to be a belief that any kind of charity is cool.

Suppose viromecarvan was done for a charity, would you support Any charity? (in case you happen to support charities as a general kinda cool a thing.)

Charities could come in all sorts of ways and causes. Help the tory party. For the benefit of one violent christian group or another. Or for art that, while i might support in jolly times, could come as an elitist fart for many.

Perhaps though, the charity thing comes as some kind of a personal connection. Something like:
hey. whatever cause you support seems very important for you – respect! ..and hey, it looks funny too. i can take a picture and share it on facebook! yay!! Cheers, mate!

Another way to consider these questions may come more radically –
all these are simply narratives, sequences, clusters of frictions that require no other thing but connections themselves.

In that sense, or sensation, we get away from the notion of function, again. The function arrests the action and when the activity is imagination – a wondering – its the zoo cage for that particular wild wild mind?

It’s like humans have a friction with the viromecaravan and go:
OH! That’s wild! Can not take wild – let’s explain that, put my mind at rest: Must be a charitable cause!
..and I?
I go:
OH! That’s wild! Why do they need to arrest the viromecaravan into a functional activity or a concept?? A why that is an opening to invite imagination itself rather than a cage for a concept of Why People/Humans do this or that.

The rain, when coming in contact with the viromecaravan, doesn’t think – and has no function either. ..It’s going to rain tonight or/and tomorrow..


A get out!! #viromecaravan

This morning was a 1st “get out of here”.

A park gardener knocked at around 6.30am

“Whoever you are – it’s not a place to camp!” they continued with claiming that there’s a camping site near bye and, curiously imho, that had the police came, they’d nick me.

It’s curious since in one clear swoop of a morning warning they summed up the way state and business operate.
The state’s gut reaction is always to do what’s best for power and powerful.
While deviation has to come crashed out of encounters with state and power (financial or otherwise) – such crashing has to come at least amount of costs..
eg – it’s cheaper to scare than employing violence. even cheaper to need not scaring since a person may self-police.

Chomsky, Zizek’s take on ideologies may come to mind. However, possibly less encountered is a recent book:
Megamachine and Civilisation

log news

A plants Update #viromecaravan

Earlier, I arrived back from Bognor Regis to Littlehampton.

Had a stop at the beach. (so called “west beach” which, if one likes less tourists and more ruggedness – here’s the spot.)

Shutting the viromecaravan, i had a look at the plants, they had a look into me – and it was decided to put them in the light just outside the caravan, on a bit of a shelf they have.
(seen in the photos taken by G a few days ago..)

When I came back from the beach, the plants went on with their own lives too!

Someone may have thought: “these plants look so poor – i’ll make
them better!”
Or they didn’t think – just felt compelled to take?
Maybe someone considered the plants placed where they where as: Take Me – without a note.

After all them thoughts about getting/not-getting plants – they became a 1st part of the viromcaravan practice that was taken!

Should try and get other plants, yes? 😉

log news

a morning image from Hotham park via Clive with a Thanks!

An image made and done by Clive as I was in the process of cleaning the caravan’s belly a bit.
(hence the backpack on the right side..)

Many thanks for the intelligent curiosity too! 🙂


popeye iwana from bognor’s seaside? #viromecaravan

If you check this link:

there’s an iguana on the seaside at the other end.

Can I take a picture?
Yes, replied the couple who walked the Iguana – however let us take Your picture 1st.

Iguana come to us via Taino’s Iwana.. Though who knows, perhaps they spelt it as Iwonna? Iwanna? Most def didn’t intend it as in Japanese Iwana – An ingredient in sushi and sashimi,


parks and dogs #viromecaravan

A curious note.

Since I tend to stay over night in, or at the vicinity of parks – curious dogs are a bit of a feature.

It seems a bit odd that a fair few dog owners rage against the very DogyNess of their pets. As canines, they use their nose to check things out – me and the unfamiliar caravan included.
Dog owners may be heard shouting:
“Stop being Nosy!” at their well scenting dog.

perhaps should also note that many dogs seem a bit unsure how to react to the caravan..
Some get simply alerted – without reading uk government advice..
Some bark..
I thought it might be the skateboard only – since dogs don’t tend to like the sound of skateboards.. However, with the caravan, even when i walk with it – dogs have a thing about it..


For a charity or madness

Hi, (they said) this is great! I love it! (they professed) Which charity do I pay??
There’s no charity involved.
What do you mean??!!
Well.. Its done with art in mind. Fancy paying my very own art world? 😉
C’omon! If its not done for a charity – then, excuse my language, you are mad!
hummm.. Actually.. I did ask the Dr a few years back: would you give me a cerificate saying i was mad? They refused..Fancy their phone number? (btw.. that was part of a language from un wanted and discarded identities.. eg, called the police asking for a criminal record..)

The conversation, with the demand for a charitable cause is curious imho..
the requirement for a cause.. a goal – else you mind is “wrong” if nt clinically insane?
could the beeps, thumbs up and general favorable will from people, come to their preconception this must be some kind of a charitable act?

Perhaps the lot just underlines the sense of ludicrousity, absurdity, and ridiculousness intertwined with this virome caravan?

(intertwined? entwined? intrAtwined?)


Photos chimnea bus?

There’s a stretch of a road, somewhere around Shoreham lighthouse, that I usually dread skateboarding. It’s a tight stretch and drivers tend to react angrily to my relatively slow progress on the skateboard. A movement they find having to follow since the road isn’t wide enough to get passed.

Today it’s probably the 3rd time I am passing through this stretch by the lighthouse with the ViromeCaravan.
Past few times, drivers didn’t seem angry – and i put it to the fact i was skateboarding with the caravan.
Felt strange, since with the caravan the movement is even slower than that of just skateboarding.

(Perhaps it’s not the speed they get pissed off with when skateboarding? This may become interesting since in case it’s not the speed, there could be a power question relevance..)

Today.. Apart from the seemingly usual, people drive slowly behind and when they can pass – raise thumbs up, there was a bus just behind me with many people in it pointing phone/cameras at the caravan and raising their thumbs.

Somehow though, I doubt people attempt to actually check wtf the ViromeCaravan is. Perhaps the encounter is ridiculous enough?


Wheelchair kinda bikes and trains

Just had a chat with someone on a wheelchair.
They were wondering how this kind of a caravan structure might be pulled by them.
Showed them Rosie’s Swale Pope’s book, “just a little run around the world”, for an example of something similar yet different

Somehow the chat veered off towards moving between cities. They said trains are not very useful. They have a special bike made – and a few times they were not allowed on trains with the device 🙁