An art oriented background

As various kinds of cultural imaginations oriented practices, art escapes through ports.
Traditionally, art ports, aren’t all to different from the Whitney museum’s website section for internet oriented art – “art-port”.
Therefore we can say that art linked practices escape theaters, galleries, museums, festivals and such like. A cinema may come to allow certain films to escape into a wilderness of human culture. In the example of theatres – with some similarities shared by cinemas, galleries, or biennials – we get ports that are seemingly oblivious to the content they allow to get spewed. A theatre may one day port a puppet show like “Shakes and Shav” (, a standup comedian by night, and on another occasion – a film may be presented as well.

(VC does oposite – PORT that is general stuff may find a hard time with. We use specific materials, specific shapes, manners and so on to get into a general and abstract aesthetics spewed.)

Unlike a general kind of ports, the ViromeCaravan offers a different porting dynamics and sequences. Instead of operating as a shell through which various kinds of content is given an escape –
through the ViromeCaravan we get a sequence of frictions that might – immediately, at some other time, or not at all – spew aesthetic connected materials that are yet to be imagined. Aesthetics that could come only through such and such particular circumstantial circumstances, that we can not – nor need to – foretell.
The ViromeCaravan comes as a port through which some kind of art, an art as an imaginal aesthetic language –
is risked to never escape, nor live and evolve.
(Therefore, for example, all photos and clips are done by people who are not directly involved. They are people who pass by, have some kind of a say, or indeed – use ViromeCaravan to do their own stuff.)

Such an approach to documentation comes with risks. A few of these risks include:
an aesthetic language may never come to escape.
since there are texts to do with ViromeCaravan, there is an attempt to write as a way that connects rather than merely depict, document or describe. Therefore language throughout this website will read slightly weird, unfamiliar and strange. A language that will provoke a fair few thoughts like:
Why write this in such and such way? It sounds awkward!

The difference between rituals, celebrations and activities that may offer change – is within the question of risk taking.

With a personal tone, yes, even physically i may get injured, and the whole structure could very well break too 😉 .

The specific idea of ViromeCaravan evolved in me through questions of artistic oriented practices in connection with Covid19.

Connecting physical movement along terrains with frictions, texts, sharing and aesthetic questions, has a history in a few activities I got involved with.

      • For Example,

Skateboarding between Brasilia and Rio, from Brighton to London, from Brighton to Brussels, and from an airport and a gallery in Palestine. In another process, moving like a Mzungu (an east african term for a “hobo” used to describe Europeans) in Silecia, Poland.

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