Virus oriented background?

Viruses don’t push, need no enforcement power before entering cells. Viruses simply wait for environmental dynamics to afford them an entrance.
A virus, like a vampire (Let_the_Right_One_In), requires to be let in.

Cells afford a given virus an entry since the particular shape of that virus looks friendly and familiar. The shape is like a password held by someone other than an account holder. A cell considers the dimensions of such and such virus to be correct, like software may consider a password and user name as correct – and may afford an entrance to whoever presents them to some database. When an entity enters, they may please themselves with the data.
Once a virus has been afforded into a cell, they please themselves indeed – when cells have no way to afford such viral pleasures – we get into a tricky ill dynamics for bodies as wholes.

Hopefully the ViromeCaravan will not upset people intentionally. However, it’s patently clear that circumstances may bring possible un-ease if not some kind of an upset.
For example, opening up the surface for hosting all sorts of reflective texts could upset some humans in various circumstances.
(Indeed, some people found birds’ poo bit of a challenge.)
Upsetting others isn’t intentional, however – it’s one of the risks needed to be taken and negotiated with, IMHO.

The ViromeCaravan moves along terrains via questions of affordance that connect directly with size, shape, weight, possible speeds, caravan’s materiality, the way of pulling, my body and of-course – environmental altering conditions
Questions of How and What certain motions this way or another may come allowed.
For example:
If a passage becomes too narrow – we need to go back, or find a passage whose dimensions afford a way through.
Moving with winds’ directions (eg A western wind may afford the caravan moving eastwards), terrain geography (eg A steep climb may not afford moving up), human dynamics (eg at some places a stop may not be allowed, or wisely taken), and possibly other elements that will negotiate and evolve the ViromeCaravan’s movements.

Via the perspective of how such and such dynamic effortlessly allows some movement range rather than impose restrictions –
we get to focus on ways of moving-on through – in-spite of borders, laws and rules.
The ViromeCaravans’ motions are negotiative.Motion is in-spite of restrictions, rather than defined by them. Like hope in-spite of anxiety through a harsh period is a negotiation to survive and thrive after the hardship – rather than being defined by such times.
(This connects with a notion of aesthetics through affordance as a cultural wilderness. Consider a life that comes infinitely wild rather than spontaneously legislated –
since how else could living creatures fail, like viruses, to stop evolving?)

The ViromeCaravan has frictions with all sorts of dynamics between elements. Between plants, animals (incl. humans), and environmental, architectural, physical, mechanical, chemical – as well as imaginal and reflective elements.
Frictions will be offered to leave their marks on the caravan’s body through writing PersonalBows.
These PersonalBows combine dispersion and refraction with any given reflection.
(Diagrammatic meditations on any given notion.)

When viruses are afforded an entrance into a cell and multiply inside, dna from that viral infection creates the genetic residues that makeup viromes.

Traveling allows the ViromeCaravan to collect, spread, recompose and evolve such “PersonalBows” kind of reflections.
The caravan’s body has various kinds of reflective materials and is made curved. (Reflections are topologically curvatures.)

Writing on the body of the caravan leaves marks on the corrugated plastic, the various reflective surfaces, and this website. PersonalBows that make it onto the website, are themselves allowed to do that by who ever offered them, at times come as images – others as text. This way we get to reflect upon a wider question that the ViromeCaravan is involved with – Documentations.
(the materials which make the body of the caravan have various reflective properties, like the shiny bits.).