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A plants Update #viromecaravan

Earlier, I arrived back from Bognor Regis to Littlehampton.

Had a stop at the beach. (so called “west beach” which, if one likes less tourists and more ruggedness – here’s the spot.)

Shutting the viromecaravan, i had a look at the plants, they had a look into me – and it was decided to put them in the light just outside the caravan, on a bit of a shelf they have.
(seen in the photos taken by G a few days ago..)

When I came back from the beach, the plants went on with their own lives too!

Someone may have thought: “these plants look so poor – i’ll make
them better!”
Or they didn’t think – just felt compelled to take?
Maybe someone considered the plants placed where they where as: Take Me – without a note.

After all them thoughts about getting/not-getting plants – they became a 1st part of the viromcaravan practice that was taken!

Should try and get other plants, yes? 😉